Dropping the credits system from Smart Tags

Mon, Jan 15, 2018

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Job credits are no longer needed to process and tag your store

We have been planning a minor change to Smart Tags as a lead-up to an upcoming big update to the app.

Previously, Smart Tags uses a credits system to regulate the background jobs that process and tag the items in your store. Depending on the plan, each store gets a number of credits (which gets reloaded automatically every few hours) that can be used to run the background job (both automatically-scheduled and manually), where each job equals to one (1) credit.

The credits system was needed to mitigate abuse from users and balance server load as a result of running intensive operations from processing and tagging your stores.

With this new update, we have removed the credits system from Smart Tags. You no longer need credits to run a background job, as long as you only have one background job running at a time. This limitation is still needed because Shopify imposes a limit to the number of API calls made to 2 calls per second.

This change won’t affect how Smart Tags process and tag your store. All subscription plans from now on will not include job credits, since it’s no longer needed.

One less item for you to worry about :)