(Action Required) Upgrade permissions to tag orders older than 60 days

Thu, Jun 7, 2018

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Important changes to Shopify's Orders API would require existing users to upgrade permissions

(Action Required) Upgrade permissions to tag orders older than 60 days


Shopify is introducing an important change to their Orders API. Third-party apps that require access to all of a merchant’s orders will first need to be approved by Shopify.

Once Shopify approves the request, the apps then need to request access (read_all_orders scope) from merchants to read orders older than 60 days.

Smart Tags has already been approved by Shopify to access all of a merchant’s orders.

What this means for you

For existing users:

In order for Smart Tags to continue to process your orders and keep the tags in sync, you will need to upgrade your access to read all orders, including those older than 60 days.

To grant Smart Tags access to older orders, log on to your Smart Tags dashboard and you will be prompted with a banner to upgrade your permissions.

If you choose not to upgrade your permissions, Smart Tags will not retrieve and process orders older than 60 days.

For new users:

No further action are required. The required access scope to read all orders will be requested when you install Smart Tags.

More information

To learn more about the read all orders change, check out Shopify’s blog post here.

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