Updates to available fields in Smart Tags

Wed, Jul 25, 2018

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Even more ways to customize your workflow to meet your needs

Updates to available fields in Smart Tags

We are excited to share a big update to Smart Tags that the team has just rolled out today!

Building on top of the past additional fields, there are more fields for you to use in building your custom rules!

Tag orders based on its line item full product and variant fields

Currently, Shopify’s Orders API only has the product_id and variant_id fields in its Line Item fields, but other fields are not made available.

With the new updates, you now have access to all of the Products and Variant fields.

This would enable you to tag orders based on any product and variant fields in its line items.

For e.g: you can tag orders with “ACME-order” if any of its line items has been tagged with “ACME”

Tag customers based on its past orders

You can now access all of the customer’s past orders and all of its available fields.

Imagine the possibilities: you can now tag customers based on what they had previously ordered.

For e.g: you can tag customers with “bought-ACME-products” if any of its past orders contains products from ACME vendor.

Tag orders based on customer’s other orders

Call us insane. We have gone one level deeper; you can now tag orders based on customers’ orders!

Think about this: you can now tag orders with “first-order” if it is the very first order that the customer has placed.

List of changes

Here are the full list of changes to the following Custom Rules:

Give it a try today and let us know what you think! If you need help with creating certain rules to fit your business needs, do feel free to get in touch with us; we’d be happy to help :)